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The 'C' Word

Welcome to our new website!

We're massively excited to have been given a makeover and to have launched a new, online shop. As with all businesses at this strange time, we've had to give some thought to the way in which we do business... and that involves ecommerce instead of just retail from our studio and so we'll be adding lots of new products to our shop as we get closer to the festive season.

We believe it's massively important, this year more than ever, that small, independent businesses are supported. The pandemic has seen many small (and large), business struggling to stay afloat and, with many of us makers devoting our lives to our craft, we're certainly not looking at retraining or giving up without a huge fight. So, here's some positive news from our friend, creative metalwork artist Kev Colbear who's come up with a cunning plan for offering makers the chance to show you their wares this festive season:

We'll be at Kev's Christmas market for the first two weekends in December alongside many of our friends and colleagues who are all local makers and craftsmen. There will be food and plenty of parking and stalls include:

  • artisan food

  • upcycled lamps and lighting

  • creative metalwork

  • handmade jewellery

  • and many more besides.

Each weekend will see a different combination of sellers so why not take several trips out there over the six weekends and take groups of friends. As it's an outdoor market, Kev's ensuring that there will be signage and sanitiser and all of the things that make this a COVID-safe event.

Keep an eye out for us in November/December's Vanilla magazine - available from selected retail outlets, Vanilla's a free magazine that offers fashion and retail advice - where to shop, places to go and local Suffolk/Norfolk news - we've submitted an ad to promote our new look website and online shopping experience.

Finally, our sister company, Stoke Bridge Workshops is re-opening for business and we're about to announce 2 new November dates for glass fusing classes. Having closed to the public due to the pandemic, they've done a complete remodel of the building, opening up 2 new rooms and making much more space for workshops. Keep an eye out for glass fusing Christmas decoration workshops - maximum of 6 people in a class and everyone will have a free visor to wear, and their own table to work at. We're excited that they're back up and running and can't wait to welcome you once again.

We've been working on lots of commissions throughout lockdown and beyond - take a look through all of the categories on our new-look website and see what we've been up to. Follow us on social media and we'll keep you posted as to new items in the shop and new projects that we're working on.

Thank you all for your support

Danielle and Ian


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